Work Represented on V & M – City Dance

City Dance on V & M

This acrylic on raw black canvas was painted in 2003 by the Brooklyn-based artist, Josana Blue (1977- ).  Entitled “City Dance”, this large (58″ by 52″) work depicting abstracted, nude female figures is a magnificent example of Josana’s distinctive figurative style. Josana has a BFA from West Virginia University, and MA from New York University. Over the past ten years she’s had three solo shows in Manhattan galleries, and has participated in numerous group exhibitions throughout New York city. In addition to painting, she has also acquired a following for her freelance creative work in fashion and interior design, including work in windows and interiors for the Polo Ralph Lauren flagship stores in Manhattan.

“As a painter, my art is founded in the image of women. My approach to the female figure is abstract and highly stylized. Through geometric shapes, vivid colors and strong lines I create captured imaginative scenes. The compositions hold elements of both urban and ethereal post-cubist space. The figures’ faces remain unidentified, anonymous; they are defined through their bodies as my muses: dancers, models, singers and dress forms for whom I design. The female figures portray playful, elegant and sensual forms. I design these bodies, clothes and scenes following my mood. I begin a piece with an idea or specific image of which the painting will express. However, my process always leads to my yielding control to the paint and where it inspires me to go.”

“Each composition alludes to my steady interest in blending fine art and design, which highly influence both the subjectivity and space of each piece. My chromatic solution, decorative design and the composition of space, is certainly influenced by the tradition of Modern European painting. However, I believe that my work expresses that of an American Metropolitan artist.” — Josana Blue.