Recurrent – May 2011

Three Interpretations of the human figure – Pietrapiana / Josana Blue / Costain
May 5 through 19, 2011
Opening Reception
Thursday, May 5th 6-8pm

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AES Gallery is pleased to present “Recurrent”, an exhibition of paintings that explores the human figure by New York based artists Pietrapiana, Josana Blue and Costain.

The human figure has been a subject of constant interest for artists throughout the ages. With the use of line and color to give a physical form to the self, artists have embarked in a quest that has helped to continue asking the question of who we are, while keeping a visual record of that experience.

In “Recurrent”, artists Pietrapiana, Josana Blue and Costain retake that quest through three distinctive visual perspectives.

Pietrapiana’s warm colors and organic shapes create human figures longing for communion but isolated in a sea of individualism. The proximity of the forms simultaneously creates a sense of intimacy and oppression.

Josana Blue with her geometric shapes and strong use of color and line creates forms that present the human figure as an elegant and very sensual form alluring to her constant interest of blending fine arts and design.

Costain’s use of blurry lines and distorted forms represents an individual in constant flux. The forms come in and out of focus allowing the viewer to reflect on the essence of the self and our sense of permanency.

This exhibition is curated by AES Gallery ( and exhibited at 2/20 Gallery.

2/20 Gallery
220 West 16th Street
New York, New York 10011
(212) 807-8348
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 2-7pm or by appointment


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