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Josana Blue’s Brooklyn Wonderland

By Virginia Villari

Josana is one of the most versatile artists I’ve met. Like a real Newyorker she masters the art of multi-tasking, managing to be a painter, a fashion and costume designer as well as making decorations and props for sets and events.

Her Brooklyn studio has a “cabinet of curiosities” sort of feeling, where every inch is filled with paintings, color cans, brushes, sketches, books, magazines, photographs, fabrics, mannequins and costumes in progress.

All of Josana’s works belong to a bigger creative universe where disciplines and ideas cross each other in a colorful and dynamic continuum that takes its pace from the jazzy and frantic rhythm of the big apple. Her stylized, gracefully painted figures seem to dance till they melt into geometric patterns and gestural brush strokes.

A peculiar form of spirituality defines Josana’s art: the understanding of the holistic nature of our reality and a strong faith in creativity as a privileged tool to empower humanity.

Josana Blue is a Bushwick, Brooklyn – based painter. She has a BFA from West Virginia University and a Master of Arts from NYU. Josana has exhibited her work in numerous galleries and alternative venues, both stateside and abroad, over the past 18 years. A vast majority of Blue’s paintings have been purchased for private collections. Blue regularly creates original artwork for the New York Ralph Lauren windows and stores, which all permanently reside in the Ralph Lauren art collection. Josana most recently completed an artist in residency at Ahau Tulum, in Mexico. Josana bases her art in the image of women via expressionism in a post cubist space. Her approach to the human figure is abstract. The highly stylized line becomes even more absolute with Blue’s strong use of vivid color. Her chromatic solution, decorative design and composition of space are inspired by music, fashion, dance and the energy of New York City. Josana Blue is a truly American metropolitan artist.

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